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About us

Language is one of the things that makes culture, but it´s also the reason we can´t communicate with everyone. thinks all languages have their beauty, and wants to make this beauty understood by everyone. makes it easier for website owners to share their content with users all over the world.

The goal of is: to make every website on the internet available in every language in the world.

Meet the team

Sven Philipsen

Sven Philipsen

Founder + CEO + Design + Programming

Sven is innovative, entrepreneurial, and visionary. His goal in life is to help solve problems in the world like this one: to make all the content of the internet available to the world´s population in a simple way by developing


Pelle Ravn

Pelle Ravn

Programming + Database

Pelle is a life loving young entrepreneur. His good sense of humor and easy living always makes your smile. Pelle has through his programming company a deep insight in PHP, Javascript and MySQL.


Eske Sunddal Hansen

Programming + Button Javascript

Eske is a former company partner of Sven. He is a highly talented programmer who always is helpful when possible. At the moment he is hired by one of the biggest Danish companies.


Martin Fjordvald


Martin always has his own way of doing things, but quite often it shows to be the right way. Martin has already shown his worth by making one of the biggest gaming sites on the internet. And his skills in Search Engine Optimizing are now leading him to new projects.